A Single, Centralized Platform

One single integrated solution that connects clinical trial data by centralizing all data sources, without the complexity of using multiple separate components. Remarque Systems consolidates data, then layers on visualization and automated metrics to generate consistent, actionable data insights in real-time. By combining all your data into one powerful platform, Remarque Systems improves the operational performance of a clinical trial through the following:

  • Process optimization
  • Increased visibility
  • Rapid communications
  • Improved quality

Advanced Clinical Trial Operations

Slide the bar to see what happens when you go from disconnected data and manual processing to integrated data and automated real-time processing.

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Better Insights Through Centralized Data

Study Start-Up

Where a successful trial launch begins its ascent

Get your study off to the right start with effective tools for every aspect of your work and data, all under one platform.  Collaborate, collect, and manage with quality and control — from start-up to closure.

Real-Time Monitoring

Mitigate risks and track progress around the clock

Get 24/7 tracking of risks, study progress, and more by aggregating your study data under one powerful platform for medical data monitoring.

Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM)

Advanced risk management

Better control your risk by filtering all study data through a single, easy-to-use platform. Quickly collaborate with your team on risk mitigation and compliance measures — ending error-prone processes and giving you the total visibility you need to react swiftly and effectively.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Configurable role-based CTMS

Connect all site documentation and study data to one centralized platform. Increase productivity and collaboration. Ensure important milestones are met.

Data Analytics

End-to-end visibility and oversight in real time

Discover clear, data-driven insights in real-time. Choose the best course of action by transforming the flow of all your study data into actionable analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Remarque Systems Platform


  • No coding required
  • Ability for calculated metrics and automated alerts
  • Fully supports next-gen trials


  • Source-to-target mapping
  • Data calculations
  • Data triggers and alerts
  • Data blinding


  • Create and maintain historical knowledge
  • Use historical data for more informed planning
  • Expedite study start-up


  • Template-driven library management

From Design To Reporting, Remarque Systems Manages Your Trial

Roadmap Desktop
Roadmap Mobile

Fits Seamlessly Into
Your IT Ecosystem


Seamless Setup

Remarque Systems adds a layer on top of your existing technology systems, ensuring easy adaptability to your current IT environment and minimizing the need for costly change management.


Built to Evolve

Scalable and source-agnostic, Remarque Systems can be customized to any trial specifications and sizes.


Deep Insights

Role-based views into patient safety, drug efficacy, process efficiency, compliance, and cost control ensure team members can access the data they need in near real-time to do their jobs most effectively.


Prioritized Workflow

Protocol-based triggers and alerts clearly designate next steps, increasing patient safety and trial efficiency, while creating a full auto-generated audit trail.


Smarter Analytics

In-process analytics and machine learning deliver effective risk prediction, detection, analysis, and management, using parameters tailored to each trial’s objectives.