For too long clinical trial data has either been locked into source systems or only available in a consolidated manner in SAS data sets. As a core component of the Remarque platform the Ingest Engine is designed to change that.

Designed to fit into your ecosystem Remarque can be your final data repository or it can be an intermediary step in the process. We provide the tools needed for you to select the most appropriate data capture method without you having to worry how you will use or get access to that data.

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Self-Service UI
End users are able to directly interact with the Remarque system to manage settings, permissions, and visualization displays
API and File Based Support
Ability to ingest data in a variety of different formats
Prebuilt Connectors
Robust set of pre-built connections to source systems including EDC, CTMS, ePRO which decreases costs and expedites system setup
Transform, Lookup, Standardize and Decode
This key feature of the transform engine enables mapping of diverse external datasets into our common event based design.
Full Scheduler
The ingest engine provides robust scheduling capability for data processing. The timing and order can be tuned for individual business and technical requirements.
Library of Pre-built Operational KPIs
Choose from a common set of operational KRI’s to manage your study

Remarque Ingest Engine

The Remarque Systems Ingest Engine was designed to make sense to Clinical Trial Professionals.

Remarques Ingest Engine (RIE) is more than just a simple mapping tool. It provides the following key capabilities:

  • Support for both file-based transfer and direct API integration
  • Self-service interface (with mapping)
  • Calculates data as it is processed
  • Full scheduling from real-time event processing to monthly scheduled jobs
  • Access to a library of over 28 pre-built connectors
  • Transformation, lookups, decoding and standardization capabilities
  • Library of standard operational metrics that can be calculated on the fly
  • Alerting and triggering system built right into the data flow

Experienced in integrating data from various vendors, including Veeva EDC, Medidata Rave, and many others.

Remarque Integration Hub

Built on the same foundation as the Ingest Engine the Integration Hub is how we make data available to your downstream systems.


Remarque Systems Platform

Data Ingest


  • No coding required
  • Ability for calculated metrics and automated alerts
  • Fully supports next-gen trials


  • Source-to-target mapping
  • Data calculations
  • Data triggers and alerts
  • Data blinding

Knowledge Management


  • Create and maintain historical knowledge
  • Use historical data for more informed planning
  • Expedite study set-up by leveraging past experience


  • Template-driven library management