Trial Continuity

In the Face of a Pandemic

While social distancing and isolation are paramount, clinical trials must adapt to remain viable. Remarque Systems supports alternative monitoring procedures that ensure social distancing while keeping current trials on track.

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Remarque Systems

Watch Mark’s Story

A comprehensive SaaS application for designing, deploying, and managing clinical trials with a risk-based approach. See how Mark takes control with Remarque Systems.

Assessment Services

Optimize areas prone to human error

  • Workflow assessment

  • Risk mitigation assessment

  • Applications assessment

  • Business Intelligence assessment

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Standards: FDA, ICH, more…

Ingesting Data from Various Sources

Our primary customers are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and contract research organizations. We understand the importance of being fully compliant with FDA, ICH and other regulatory and industry standards.

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Our Solutions

Fully Customizable, Growing in Uses

Integrated workflow process and system-maintained audit trails are just the beginning. The entire system is fully customizable. It allows a completely vendor agnostic approach to your data and can ingest from any EDC, CTMS or lab data platform. It is fully compliant with FDA, ICH and other regulatory and industry standards.

Solutions & Services

Our Platform

Leverage Existing Systems, Don't Replace Them

We don't replace your existing systems, we connect them! Your company has spent years investing in the right software. Don't scrap it to enable cross-departmental optimization. Remarque Systems Platform allows departments to operate the same while enabling real-time, meaningful, insights across impacted departments.

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Why Choose Remarque Systems?

Inspect what you Expect

  • Increased patient safety

  • Improved data management

  • Optimized clinical operations

  • Shared therapeutic area insights

  • Speed and accuracy pharmacovigilance improvements

Mitigates Risk

  • Prediction

  • Detection

  • Analysis

  • Management

Advanced Data Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • In-Process Analytics

  • Enhances Data Visualization

Industry Knowledge & Recognition

  • Fully Compliant with FDA, ICH and other regulatory and industry standards

  • “20 most promising QMS solution providers in 2018” by CIOReview Magazine

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