Key Considerations When Implementing a Decentralized Trial

The popularity of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) is surging—especially among patients. Harnessing technology of all kinds, these trials provide an attractive alternative to the old-style site-anchored system on which traditional clinical trials have rested. They also have the potential to provide better, more timely data, since that data is largely collected under real-life situations and often available more quickly to monitoring teams.

With patients insisting on the convenience and control DCTs give them, there is a growing imperative for researchers to adopt new methods of data management. Fortunately, technology holds an answer there, too. Please join us to discuss the key considerations for running a DCT.


Key Learning Objectives

  • How to appropriately prepare and plan for a DCT
  • Key considerations for selecting DCT sites
  • How to manage and mitigate risks associated with DCTs
  • What type of technologies should you be considering to be successful with a DCT

Featured Speakers:

Kristin Mauri, Director of Solutions Services, Remarque Systems

Adam Samson, MS, PMP, CCRA, CCRC, CCDM, Senior Director of Clinical Operations & Customer Success, Curebase