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Key Considerations When Implementing a Decentralized Clinical Trial

Remarque Systems | Curebase The popularity of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) is surging—especially among patients. Harnessing the technology of all kinds, these trials provide an attractive alternative to the old-style site-anchored system on which traditional clinical trials have rested. They also have the potential to provide better, more timely data since that data is largely

1 min read

CTMS Evolution: Adapting to Advancements in Clinical Trials

Meghan Donahue Product Owner Clinical trial management systems, the software tools that underpin modern clinical research, have evolved dramatically since CTMS technology debuted about 20 years ago and since 2011, when Pfizer conducted the first entirely web-based trial. Still, the systems the industry largely relies on today are outdated and in need of modernization.

1 min read

Sharp Thinking: A New Angle on Clinical Trial Management Systems

New technologies are inevitably heralded as making life simpler: streamlining tasks, eliminating steps, managing things so you don’t have to manage them. Yet the practical application of a new technology often seems to make things more complex. Clinical trial management is a case in point. 

1 min read

Unprecedented Data-Monitoring Backlogs & How To Deal With It

Kristin Mauri & Rhonda Roberts Recently, industry publications have filled with COVID-19-related clinical trial stories. As biotech and pharma companies the world over the race for a vaccine or a cure, there is another pandemic tale that is going unheralded: the virtual halt to real progress on clinical trials for anything except COVID-19. Though most