Remarque Systems Launches Application That Speeds Study Start-Up, and Enhances Team Collaboration and Sponsor Communications

Application Hastens Demise of Time-Consuming, Outdated Spreadsheets

DURHAM, N.C., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Industry-wide, spreadsheets have long been the go-to method for tracking clinical trial start-up, but now a new purpose-built solution is available that has been created expressly to improve efficiency and quality in a clinical trial’s study start-up across the entire clinical development process.

Remarque Systems’  Study Start-Up application is accelerating the end of the spreadsheet — which, incredibly, an estimated 81% of clinical trials are still using to manage study start-up.1

This latest innovation from Remarque Systems is designed with CROs and sponsors in mind. Remarque Systems’ Study Start-Up application addresses common downsides of spreadsheets in clinical trials by boosting the work rate, reducing the risk of human error, improving regulatory compliance, and bolstering team collaboration. One of the most significant limitations of working with spreadsheets has been their inability to prompt new actions as previous steps are completed — and Remarque Systems solves this as well, according to Remarque Systems CTO and Founder Joe Goodgame.

“The beauty of our application is that it’s simple to set up, easy to configure, and is up and running with minimal training,” Goodgame explained. “Turn it on and begin implementation the very next day. It’s a seamless integration that does not require installation of any other technology. Plus, it guides the user beyond the start-up process all the way to study closure.”

Goodgame added that Remarque Systems’ Study Start-Up application puts a premium on process optimization, rapid communication, and increased visibility. The system is entirely customizable for a study’s needs and can be bundled with Remarque Systems’ Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) system, or both. 

Streamlined workflows in real-time and increased team communication
The application’s enhanced efficiency slashes manual work and duplication of effort, and dramatically compresses timelines. Team workflows and automated tasks support efficient and transparent delivery of the start-up process, leading to better team communication as sponsors and clinical staff monitor updates in real-time around the globe.

“Regardless of any interruptions in a trial’s chain of activities, the application enables the team to stay focused on the priorities that are key to reaching the study’s goal,” Remarque Systems Study Start-Up Product Owner Meghan Donahue said. “In a clinical trial landscape where one action can have an unpredictable and chaotic cascading effect on other steps in the critical path, Remarque Systems’ application acts like a global positioning system that keeps the clinical team and sponsor on course.”

Donahue noted that using spreadsheets, maintaining multiple trackers, comparing data across trackers, and manually calculating results is tedious and time-consuming. In contrast, the Study Start-Up application synchronizes with multiple sources, eliminating data entry duplication and identifying process improvement and other efficiencies. 

Global regulations considered
The Study Start-Up application reaches beyond the capabilities of other available industry systems by streamlining workflows and tasks globally and leverages Remarque Systems’ deep experience across sites and countries. The application factors global regulations into every step of the study start-up process by including a full library of pre-defined documents and regulations, pre-loaded experience tables and metrics; feasibility, contracts, and submissions; and country-level approval tracking.

For more information, visit Study Start-Up 

About Remarque Systems 
Remarque Systems provides a single, easy to use and effective platform to manage all of your clinical trial data. Remarque Systems brings all your data from different sources together in real-time; delivers end-to-end visibility and oversight with data-driven analysis, monitoring, and risk assessment; and drives better-informed decisions with clear and conclusive analytics, reports, and visualizations. By consolidating your data on one powerful platform, Remarque Systems brings process optimization, increased visibility, rapid communications, and improved quality to your clinical trials.