Overcoming Barriers to Embracing Data

As an industry, we are drowning in data. But are we using it effectively? We know that the best way to make truly informed decisions is to ground them in facts — and that only by seeing all the data as a whole are we able to have the necessary context. Yet often, we don’t act on that knowledge. Instead, we look at the data in discrete chunks.

That is no different from someone with a medical issue moving from one specialist to the next but never having the doctors share information among themselves, which makes diagnosing a rare condition much more challenging. If instead, the doctors work together, they are far more likely to reach an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan—and they will reach it far faster. Likewise, to get a complete picture of a clinical trial, researchers need to see safety data in context with dosing data and PK data; otherwise, they make decisions in a void.

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