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Michael Arlotto

President, Co-Founder

Joseph Goodgame

CTO, Co-Founder

Adam Federman

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Crystal Stone

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The History of Remarque Systems

When Mike and I started the company there was a strong belief that there was a better way to run clinical trials using the data available. Current industry approaches rely heavily on large and expensive IT deployments combined with manual effort of clinical development staff.

We wanted to take a ground up approach. The goal was to develop a system that supports all roles within a life sciences company in getting actionable access to the trial data.

Mike’s scientific and operational background and my technology background were a perfect combination. We established our use case, “Risk based monitoring and the dependence of risk based monitoring on data”, and it became the foundation for Remarque Systems.

Our first challenge was handling non-standardized data. Data with the following characteristics:

Spread out across multiple systems

Often actioned within email

Commonly used in Excel

Frequently managed by a CRO

Important for the Sponsor

Our next challenge was creating a platform to prevent slow and/or expensive development from becoming the norm. This is common to our industry and we wanted to sever the heavy dependency on non-clinical technical skill sets. Even now, many of the latest solutions do not solve the problems they were designed to solve.

We decided to take a different approach:

Data Integration needed to be simple

We had to leverage systems our clients already invested in

We focused on the ability to keep up with evolving technology

Analytics are the core of the platform, not a add on

Our metadata and data lake had to be adaptable and fast to allow new data-source integration (no data warehouse or other antiquated, expensive approaches)

We wanted to account for the lowest level patient data first

User interfaces had to be intuitive and have focus

It was important that our system could be used for tracking, managing and audit trailing actions for staff

While risk-based monitoring was our initial use case we wanted to ensure we were leveraging the same technologies we built into our platform for our own business as well. When we analyzed our customers usage of the platform, we realized that risk based monitoring alone was limiting. Feedback from our users and our commitment to continuous improvement, lead to the further development of additional uses.

Some examples include:

Real-time data cleaning comparing redundant data from different sources

Early identification of safety signals

Provide support for DSMB meetings

Visual understanding of the separation of data in a trial endpoint to indicate that the company’s drug is working. (in a blinded fashion)

Allowing a company that had only captured data using Excel (rather than a CTMS product) to integrate their information into a system for the first time.

There have been a growing number of alternative use cases discovered by our clients. We have been focused on expanding the visuals in the platform to better support them. These expansions all build on our base capabilities and demonstrate how we truly embrace client feedback.

Joe Goodgame

Chief Technology Officer

Remarque Systems

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