Our Platform

Enhanced functionality & interoperability for your current systems

Data Ingest

Built to evolve

Entirely customizable, our platform aggregates data from your current systems. This allows our clients to easily manage legacy data and have more compatibility with trial-site systems. The possibilities are beyond imagination: any EDC system, CTMS system, Electronic Health Records, wearable devices and more. All while maintaining full FDA, ICH and other regulatory and industry standards.

Study Workflows

Continuous workflow generation and prioritization

Your teams embrace the process and contribute to its success when you implement your risk-based monitoring strategy directly into the workflows of your study. You’re left with the confidence that your strategy has the key components it needs to meet company and regulatory expectations with a full auto generated audit trail.


Uncover the hidden story in your data

Data captured from any of your sources can be used to create a custom DATAPOINT within the system. Once a DATAPOINT is created it can be used in Workflows, Site scoring, and more. These benefits are only possible with the in-process analytics, and machine learning for effective risk prediction, detection, analysis, and management.